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UnknownSK Telecom said Sunday it plans to launch a cash-intensive promotional campaign to attract new customers for its roaming services.

The SK Group’s telecom unit plans to expand coverage of its unlimited data roaming service to 145 countries from the United States, Japan to China in what officials say is a strategy to highlight the stability of its wireless network.

The company statement said that its latest service comes with five minutes of discounted international calls.

“The service is intended to cut the cost burden of overseas tourists who have to make a short phone call to Korea,”

said an SK Telecom spokeswoman, adding that the service is customized for tourists who want to make one or two short voice calls to their families, helping them save up to 70 percent of phone call costs compared to those who do not use the service.

The Pass enables users to access an unlimited data roaming service in 145 countries around the world, she said.

“Customers can receive five minutes of international phone calls by paying an additional 3,000 won ($2.5) on a daily basis to the existing data-free roaming service,”

said the press release.

150823_p11_SKTSK Telecom plans to offer more customer-friendly call services with greater affordability, though service availability in additional countries is subject to support provision from carriers in its target markets.

The mobile carrier also said that users who make longer voice calls can use a T Roaming voice service launched earlier this month. The service offers 50-minute voice calls for a month at 50,000 won.

“The T Roaming voice service has garnered explosive responses from customers in less than a month after it was launched, with more than twofold customers subscribing to the service compared to the existing voice roaming service,” it said.

Source: The Korea Times

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