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imagesAdvanced Info Service (AIS) has joined forces with Tune Insurance to foster development of its international roaming service in a drive to sustain growth in that segment.

“We aim to maintain our annual growth for roaming usage of 24% a year,”

said Pratthana Leelapanang, executive vice-president for marketing at AIS.

Mr Pratthana said almost 400,000 customers signed up for AIS’s international roaming service when they travelled abroad last year.

“The figure is expected to continue to grow by 24% this year, helped by our attractive unlimited data packages with affordable prices,” he said.

Mobile users can even access free WiFi service and make free calls via social networks while travelling abroad, using data roaming to ensure an always-on connection.

In collaboration with Tune Insurance, AIS customers who sign up for international roaming services will get flight accident coverage from Tune Insurance.

The insurance policy covers physical damage or death. The coverage limit is 300,000 baht, while coverage for medical treatment is 30,000 baht per accident.

Tom Kruesopon, chief executive of Tune Insurance, said the cooperation with AIS would create a new dimension of international roaming service for the country.

Tune Insurance, an affiliate of AirAsia, provided travel insurance to 8 million passengers last year.

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Source: Bangkok Post


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