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Roaming Bill Shock Strategy 2015

There is an old saying in English about elephants

“an elephant never forgets”

Orville Boyd Jenkins, Ed.D., Ph.D. explains the likely story behind the saying:

The phrase seems to go back to observations that elephants follow the same paths and even hand down genetic memories of directions and places across generations

In ROCCO HQ we have a view that the theory can also be applied to Roamers who have experienced Bill-Shock.


When Roaming we can be clear on the price of many things… we don’t like uncertainty when it comes to finances, we need clear lines in the budget table. Which is why “Pre-Pay” Roaming was developed. But in turn just like “post-paid” Roaming, the costs involved in downloading a video or making or receiving an International call are still unpredictable in nature.

From an Operator perspective, they also don’t like Bill-Shock scenarios either as it undermines their position as a provider and usually has the following effects:

  • Losing the Subscriber to a competitor with a more bespoke Roaming solution
  • Making the subscriber turn off Roaming or find an alternative solution (Silent Roamers)
  • Having to compensate subscribers because of lack of transparency about Roaming fees or misguidance about Regulation

So isn’t it a wonder that as an Industry and with organisations such as the GSMA, that Operators haven’t tried to join together to work out ways to eliminate Bill-Shock scenarios globally with standards?

A Data Clearing House recently reported that:

Up to 70% of the approximately 75 million unique outbound international roamers each month do not use their mobile data services.

What’s clear is that regulation in Europe has created a small but tenacious ripple of cuts in Roaming fees, transparency measures and unlimited Roaming plans globally. So in theory, despite the elephant never forgetting, the Bill-Shocked Roamer just might be able to learn to trust again in GSM Roaming, since with over 400 4G networks live, Internet of Things and talk of 5G coming in 2020 the GSM global standard is not going away.

Our short survey asks for Operators to share their challenges and ideas for bill-shock prevention as well as viable solutions they see. We aim to turn around the results of this Survey in 5 weeks time, presenting our data alongside WAS2 in Bangkok. Please encourage Operators to take part and offer their insights.

Click on the link below to take the survey:

Roaming Bill Shock Strategy 2015


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