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3Financial Clearing & Settlement Vendor Performance 2015

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London 25/09/2015. We are pleased to announce a new Research Project for Operators. This survey is about Financial Clearing & Settlement and FCH Vendors and their performance and leadership. The survey will run for 9 weeks from today. It is our 3rd annual survey on Financial Clearing & Settlement Vendors.

This survey is for Operators to respond only


This Research is asking some tough questions about the vendors. Focussed on their performance, leadership and their value to the industry. Some questions we were asked to ask by Operators in last years survey…

  • How should Financial Clearing evolve in an LTE Roaming world?
  • What innovations are needed and/or overdue?
  • How well to FCH perform in all aspects of Bad Debt Recovery?
  • What is the speed by which FCH pay Operators (when clearing is complete)?

Their are 10 FCH Vendors which are currently part of the research: Other FCH Vendors are welcome to join, please inform us and we will add you, or Operators can add additional FCH Vendors as they require:

  • ARCH
  • Astelnet
  • Comfone
  • EDCH
  • NextGen
  • Starhome MACH
  • Syniverse
  • TNS
  • Vodafone Roaming Services

About the Research

The Financial Clearing & Settlement Vendor Performance Research Project is still a highly requested survey for Operators. The survey is open for a short time from today until 25th November 2015 with the report expected in early December 2015.

Unlike previous years, we will present the results in tiers, as we have with our recent A2P SMS Messaging and IPX Networks Reports. This means than multiple Vendors may be announced within tier one (Overall score between 4-5 points out of 5) and Vendors who score lower than this will be announced as Tier 2 or Tier 3.

For more information about our methodology follow this link.

Like always, we always share our findings with the Operators who take part, so if you complete this survey you will receive a free and exclusive Executive Summary Report of all the aggregated feedback from all the Operators taking part.

Thank you for participating in ROCCO Research.

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