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TR_QuoteHappy World Tourism day from ROCCO HQ. Here’s some newsflashes about this special day for roamers.

World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27 September since 1980. This date coincides with the anniversary of the adoption of the UNWTO Statutes on 27 September 1970.

Under the theme ‘One billion tourists, one billion opportunities’, World Tourism Day 2015 emphasizes the impact of the sector on economic growth, job creation and development.

In this regard, the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon states in his message on the occasion of World Tourism Day

“let us work together to maximize the immense potential of tourism to drive inclusive economic growth, protect the environment and promote sustainable development and a life of dignity for all.”

With five consecutive years of growth, tourism has been a major contributor to the economic recovery, creating jobs and opportunities for communities in many parts of the world. With an increase of 4% in international tourist arrivals in the first semester of 2015, the sector follows an increasing trend that is estimated to reach 1.8 billion international tourists by the year 2030.

“Every time we travel we are part of a global movement that has the power to drive inclusive development, to create jobs and to build the sustainable societies we want for our future,”

said UNWTO Secretary General, Taleb Rifai in his World Tourism Day message.

“This movement also contributes to build mutual understanding and to safeguard our shared natural and cultural heritage,” he added.

Protecting cultural and natural heritage

A transformative force, tourism brings livelihood opportunities and helps alleviate poverty, making a genuine difference in the lives of millions of people. At present, international tourism contributes $US 1.5 billion to global trade representing 30% of the world´s service exports, a share that goes up to 45% in Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Tourism also plays a key role in fostering multicultural understanding and contributing to the preservation of cultural and natural heritage.

This linkage is particularly relevant as the international community prepares to adopt the post-2015 agenda with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) where tourism has been identified as a sector that

“creates jobs and promotes local culture and products”.

As part of this year’s World Tourism Day celebrations, UNWTO invites all join its Instagram Campaign, by sharing images of the transformative potential tourism can hold.


The Agra administration is going all out to woo tourists today. Tourists visiting the Taj on Sunday, estimated to number upwards of 30,000, will not only get free entry, the facility will be extended to them at other monuments here as well. Moreover, to mark this year’s theme of ‘One billion tourists, one billion opportunities’, Agra hotels, restaurants and emporiums will all give at least 25% discount to visitors.

An order regarding free entry has been issued by the Archaeological Survey of India’s (ASI) headquarters. ASI superintending archaeologist Bhuvan Vikrama said,

“It is for the first time this initiative of free entry has been taken. We have made proper arrangements to welcome tourists at Taj and other monuments in Agra.”


Delhiites visiting Dilli Haat in INA can now avail Wi-Fi services which will be free for the first 20 minutes.

Delhi Tourism Minister Kapil Mishra launched the service today on the occasion of ‘World Tourism Day’.

“Free Wi-Fi service will be available for the first 20 minutes at Dilli Haat, INA and thereafter, people will have to pay for data usage. Rs 20 will be charged for the next 30 minutes and then Rs 30 for 60 minutes and Rs 50 for 120 minutes,” said a senior official.

Under the theme – ‘One Billion Tourists – One Billion Opportunities’, the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) hosted a number of events to mark the occasion which included a cycling tour.

The tour, flagged off by Mishra and participated by several heritage enthusiasts, covered monuments of Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Period in and around Mehrauli area. Covering more than seven kilometres, the cyclists rode for about two hours with the Tourism Minister leading them.

“Dotted with historical monuments and ruins, there is a lot that Delhi can boast about. We are constantly striving to tap Delhi’s utmost potential and come up with innovative activities like the cycle tour to promote tourism in the capital,” Mishra said.


Countries across the globe celebrate the United Nations’ World Tourism Day on Sunday. The day is celebrated to encourage and generate awareness among the international community of the importance of its cultural and social values.

The perfect way to celebrate the World Tourism Day would be to travel to an unseen, unheard destination and add a new experience to your life. However, that may not be possible for those tied down by busy work schedule.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the day.

Here is a list of five travel movies that you can watch today to satisfy your itchy feet.
1. Into the Wild

One of the best movies to spend your time with. “Into the Wild” is about a backpacker’s attempt to get closer to nature. Though Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) travelled in extreme ways to his final destination, the movie has been a source of inspiration to many people and has encouraged them to see the world from a new perspective.

2. The Motorcycle Diaries

This Spanish movie is about a motorcycle trip of best friends across South America and how they use their wits to get through the complicated situations of life.

What’s more, the movie brilliantly showcases how Ernesto (Che) Guevara started a military revolution and became an iconic revolutionary. Undoubtedly, it will strengthen your travel desire.

3. Eurotrip

“Eurotrip” is one movie that you just can’t stop loving.

From funny one-liners to a panoramic journey throughout Europe, this movie has everything. It highlights the unique things related to each country. For example, when the group had Absinthe in Amsterdam and got high. The movie will make you wonder about the various reasons to travel in the first place – to score and get laid.

Undoubtedly, the movie will leave you laughing for hours and will make you want to get a one-way ticket to experience for yourself why “Scotty doesn’t know.”

4. City of God

Instead of showing the perfect beaches of Brazil or the famous sites to the travellers, the movie shows the struggles of surviving in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Rio De Janeiro.

Thought the movie is in Portuguese, you won’t even have to read the subtitles as it grabs your attention from the start and never lets go. Chances are, “City of God” will make you think twice before travelling to Rio. However, it will make you want to see it that much more.

5. Lost in Translation

Written by “The Godfather” director Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter Sofia Coppola, “Lost in Translation” shows a modern day Japan from the perspective of someone who has no idea about the country.

Once you start watching the movie, you will feel just as lost as Bill Murray in the movie. However, at the same time, you will feel OK to deal with the situation.

If you ever wondered how is it to be in a country with entirely different culture, tradition and language, this movie will answer most of your queries.

Source: UNWTO, The Time of India, The Indian Express, International Business Insider

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