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Celebrating three years-3London 01/10/15. ROCCO is 3 years old

The fact that you’re reading this, is probably because you are a follower of ROCCO, something we only imagined 3 years ago when we launched the company on 1st October 2012. The fact that 500 Operators contribute to our Strategic Research annually is also something we could have only dreamed about when we started.

Actually our 3 year story has been far more adventurous then we first imagined. When we started we knew we had lots of Roaming knowledge, experience in Strategy, but most of all a lot of passion to make a difference.

When we introduced our Research business to our portfolio, there was a simple wish, to help Operators wholesale Roaming teams get more transparency about how Vendors work and which of them provide the best performance and leadership.

Today those Operators contribute and receive our free reports, but also 4 out of 5 of the largest Operators groups in the world also buy our Strategic Reports and use them in making strategic decisions about vendors and how they perform, for example when requesting RFP from Vendors. Making us one of the leading Roaming research providers in the market. When one of the biggest Consulting companies in the USA contacted us to collaborate we knew we had hit on something unique.

What’s next you might ask? Well actually there is still some way to go. With the European Roaming regulation analysing the cost of wholesale roaming, we are perfectly positioned to understand the impacts. Our Wholesale Roaming Costs Research which began 10 months ago has over 100 Operators from around the world supporting us to understand what really are the costs of delivering Roaming.

In addition, ROCCO has allowed us a platform for education, training and innovation in Roaming. If we had a dollar for every entrepreneur who came to us with a new Roaming venture we would be certainly rich. Currently we are working with several providers we think are credible to support new ideas in Roaming. Watch out in the next year for new projects.

If you’re interested in working with us on any Roaming innovation, we remain interested and available to offer our view, when I was Roaming Innovation Group Chair in the GSMA back in 2007 I could only imagine the difference you can make when you commit to change and innovate.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to our clients, followers and research community for believing in us and getting us from start-up organisation to an established and well known Roaming Consulting Company.

Jason Bryan C.E.O.











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