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2At ROCCO HQ as we enter into the 3rd year of our Steering of Roaming (SOR) Vendor Performance Survey, a number of interesting questions have arrived at our bureau.

With the abolition of Roaming in the EU member states anticipated in June 2017, there has been a number of EU Mobile Operators predicting the end of Steering of Roaming.

well of course, if operators are making less money from Roaming and the differences charged between operators at wholesale level is negligible then it might make sense that Steering becomes something just for none EU destinations if an EU Operator (and not all do) has significant non EU traffic.

But what about the question of quality?

There are two opposing schools of thought on this:

  1. Quality is not expected: If Operators in the EU consider that the service of Roaming isn’t worth the margins being made, then why should they offer the same level of service as they have before? Why would a mobile operator offer to receive customers on its 4G network when it can also receive them on its 2G network at potentially lower costs.
  2. Quality becomes the new differentiator: With LTE, VoLTE & ViLTE, the ability to get high speeds is more fundamental, and with a focus on Net Neutrality in the EU (see yesterdays article from Federica Romano) quality is about to take centre stage.
    This and other debates are part of our SOR Vendor Performance research which is closing soon. Operators can share their views about the 15 Vendors and the industry and in doing so they can learn the opinions of others.

We will present an overview of this situation within the Executive Summary Report that we will share with all Operators who complete the survey.

To complete the survey, follow this link

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