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Excuse the title. It’s the new year and just like many SMS products and services we feel pretty creative.

In recent years we have been learning all about the newest and yet oldest service of all, SMS. Invented by technicians to report on networks, who knew it would become so commercial and these days a great communication and marketing tool.

But as you can see from our A2P SMS Messaging and SMS Firewall research, there is a lot of focus on the 4% YOY growth in SMS which is occurring globally these years and expected to peak around 2020.

Roaming Strategy from ROCCO™-2OTT players have their niche but so do operators and as RFPs fly around the world to the Vendors of SMS Firewall and A2P SMS services, ROCCO is here to help Operators and Vendors get together a great business case, obtain services and monetise this amazing business.

Few Operators are monetising their SMS A2P business well or protecting themselves from grey routes. Having a consultant review your business model, create or review RFP’s ensures you are making the right decision. Getting up to speed on topics like this can be challenging and then to make the right decisions, knowing well who are the vendors and the best providers in the market.

Picture: Lorne Campbell / Guzelian Bradford Grammar School, Bradford, West Yorkshire. PICTURE TAKEN ON WEDNESDAY 5 MARCH 2014

Picture: Lorne Campbell / Guzelian
Bradford Grammar School, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

So much so, that we are happy to announce James Williams as Principal SMS Consultant for ROCCO. He’s a busy guy these days. A long history in Telecoms, he’s recently consulted with Vendors, Operators and Operators Groups, SMS Hubs and aggregators.

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In addition: Look out at the beginning of February 2016 for our A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence Report and mid February for our SMS Firewall Market Intelligence Report. Research we have done in this field has had contributions from the worlds finest Vendors in this field. Watch this space for the news on these reports.

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