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This week ROCCO launches two new Research projects both aimed at Roaming QoS Solutions and welcomes a new member to the team.

5ROCCO Roaming QoS Solutions Market Intelligence Report 2016

First of all we will make a study of the Roaming QoS marketplace by interviewing Vendors on their solutions, producing a report into all the solutions, what they offer and what benefits to expect from using them.

Vendors should contact ROCCO at contact@roamingconsulting.com for more information. Otherwise expect to receive an invitation on Thursday 11th February to contribute to our report.




ROCCO Roaming QoS Solutions Vendor Performance Report 2016

Starting on 10th February we ask Operators via 30 specific Performance and Leadership KPIs to give us perceptions and feedback on these vendors and tell us which are rated well in the market.

As with all our Vendor Performance reports we always give useful Executive Summaries of our reports to Operators who contribute.

These Reports are sponsored by ROCCO! We never take sponsors for our reports. We always prefer to ask the questions we want and give clean and neutral feedback.



To help deliver these reports and other consulting projects in ROCCO we welcome a new member to the team as Senior Consultant. You may well know Jeroen Roozendaal from his recent roles in Meucci, Vodafone Roaming Services and BICS. We’re pleased to welcome someone of his knowledge and experience to the ROCCO team.

Welcome Jeroen!






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