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stock-footage-hd-p-clip-with-a-slow-motion-waving-flag-of-bosnia-and-herzegovina-seamless-seconds-long-1At yesterday’s regular session, the Council of Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RAK) made the decision on the abolition of national roaming in that country.

The agency estimated that, in order to strengthen competition in the mobile market, it is necessary to provide an incentive for operators to improve their availability and quality of their networks. Because of this, the decision was made on canceling the current way of providing services in case that the user of one GSM operator uses the network of another GSM operator, with this functionality offered to costumer as a separate service for which it is paying an additional fee.

In the case of the agreement on the joint use of network capacities, operators are obliged to ensure that from the perspective of end users there is no difference whether the operator implements the service through its own network or through rental capacities of another operator.

Source: Balkans.com 

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