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3VoLTE is on just about every MNOs minds these days. Our LTE Roaming Strategy Report 2015  told us that LTE was going to be big despite the challenges with roll-out, compatibility of Roaming Partners and IPX maturity. VoLTE was a major concern for MNOs within that report and in our IPX Networks Vendor Performance Report 2015 MNOs also indicated that when it comes to VoLTE there were still a lot of open questions.

As the market matures but still lacks a common direction, ROCCO has been interviewing MNOs who face these challenges and with their specific help has designed two new research studies which focus on extracting useful and important strategic information on where MNOs intend to go and how.

Next Tuesday we are pleased to launch our VoLTE Vision research which will culminate in a Market Intelligence report written by ROCCO with the help of specialist consultants on VoLTE available in June.

6VoLTE Vision includes:

  1. A Survey for MNOs on their VoLTE roaming and Interconnect status, strategic decisions and outlook on VoLTE in the coming years.
  2. Interviews with Vendors on their vision for VoLTE, what they are doing to support these services and strategically what they think VoLTE will bring to the market.

The two data packages together will make up the final report with all MNOs and Vendors who take part and receiving an Executive Summary of the overall status. As usual the research projects, and final report is sponsored and written only by ROCCO.

Look out for more news on VoLTE Vision next week. Please contact@roamingconsulting.com for any questions. 


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