ROCCO Research: New Report Published into Mobile Engagement and the rise of the Omni Channel

12/04/2017 London. New Report published by ROCCO into Mobile Engagement

Following our research started in January 2017 into Mobile Engagement Vendors, 18 companies* responded to our interview request and answered over 100 questions into their Mobile Engagement solutions and the outlook for the market.

On the face of it, it seems easy enough to come up with a simple definition, but is Mobile Engagement that simple to define? And what constitutes Mobile Engagement exactly? Should we think of A2P as SMS or is A2P actually synonymous with Mobile Engagement for enterprise content delivery?

Since our A2P SMS Messaging Market Intelligence Reports in 2015 and 2016 were published, ROCCO has carried out research, strategic consulting and training for a good number of players in the A2P SMS industry and we have most definitely seen means of engagement beyond A2P SMS appearing on a more regular basis in product offerings, particularly for those aimed at the Enterprise domain.

The Mobile Engagement Research and Interview with 18 Vendors which resulted in this Report set out to find exactly what the words ‘Mobile’ and ‘Engagement’ mean to industry players when used together. Globally speaking, if you take a look into the details of any Vendor a lot of people using the phrase appear to be referring to A2P SMS only when the reality is somewhat different. So what is Mobile Engagement and how broad is this area?

Enterprise companies know that in order to keep ahead of customer expectation they may need to change rapidly and ahead of their competition. In order to capture customer loyalty, enterprise must be disruptive and embrace Omni-channel strategies.
While A2P SMS is always seen as still gaining traction (cumulative annual growth rates are still increasing in this area and will do so for a few years to come), a more holistic approach incorporating other elements into the Mobile Engagement mix is clearly beneficial and many organisations know they need to develop in these areas or at least keep them on the back-burner until needed.
Vendors in this report talk about a number of evolving communications making up the area of Mobile Engagement known as an Omni Channel approach.






*The 18 Vendors come from all over the globe including Africa, Asia, and the Americas with the majority coming from Europe. Including some International names and some new players we have not heard of before. The Vendors who took part are: CallTrade, CLX Communications, Global Message Services (GMS), Hook Mobile, Infobip, Interactive Digital Media,, Locotel Ltd, Mitto AG, MobiWeb, Nexmo, Panacea, PCCW Global, Route Mobile Limited, SMS Highway, Syniverse, Tata Communications Ltd, Tyntec Ltd

Please click the link below to review the Executive Summary of the Report.

ROCCO Mobile Engagement Market Intelligence Report 2017 – Executive Summary

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This report was written by our team of researchers including Mr Connectivity himself James Williams and Polina our Journalist.