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EU Roaming Regulation: EU Subscriber Reactions

It’s less than 7 days before the EU Roaming Regulation comes into force. Many Roaming Suppliers are already reacting to the requirements. Frankly, there’s nothing more interesting to us right now that what’s going to happen in the next 7 days:

  • How Roaming Suppliers will react, MVNOs and MNOs across the EU28 and EEA
  • How the Press will react when they realise the Surcharges and Fair Use Policies mean that Roaming Suppliers might not all offer the same solution
  • How the Regulators will react to none compliance, previously there have been warnings and fines but this year the reaction is expected to be even stronger

But more over when all of this is arriving in the market, how will the EU Subscribers of Roaming react?

We picked up on some real comments from EU Consumers from social media we have seen recently and gave our own answers. They follow several themes:



“My carrier is already doing it from 1 June. I’m loving it! Long live the EU!” – Congratulations this is the Regulation effect. 

“My carrier started it already on June 1st! Used my phone and tablet with mobile internet in France, Switzerland and Germany without any additional charges. 👍”– Congratulations this is the Regulation effect. 


“Greek Operators already announced you can’t use your data or call abroad unless you pay for special packages. How do you plan to fight this kind of policies? No roaming charges okay but if we need ‘special packages’ or the raise the cost of the same programs to make money out of it then everything is pointless.”– Greek MNOs are not exempt from the Regulation, let’s see what 15th June brings. 

“So since 15th June will we able to call people from our State from another in EU? And will we able to call people from other States from ours using our telephone plan? To example: I call my friend from Spain and I’m in Italy, so will I pay something or not?” -International calling charges are as they would be within your existing domestic plan. If you can make International Calls in the EU now on that plan, its worth checking what rate they will be charged at. 

“My provider only provides EU roaming on a package. Which is exempt from the charging cap.” – Let’s see what 15th June brings. 

“When I am abroad, is it just Data I can use or does this change calling other mobiles whilst I am in the country and to home? Or just my data? Thank you. Amazing either way!” -All Services are included Data, SMS and Voice Calling.

“My carrier said Lithuania is exempt from this and they will continue charging roaming charges… :( same rate as before” – Lithuanian MNOs are not exempt from the Regulation, let’s see what 15th June brings. 

“How will international calls within the EU work? Will I be able to call someone from my EU country to another without paying international fees?” -International calling charges are as they would be within your existing domestic plan. If you can make International Calls now on that plan, its worth checking what rate they will be charged at. 

“Can anyone here answer me this, so you know on iPhone you can select “data roaming” (I have it currently switched off will I still have to select this when I go abroad?” -If you are an EU Citizen on a plan that supports Roaming and you are Roaming in the EU, you should be able to switch on data roaming with no additional charges. But check with your Roaming supplier they do not have any special surcharges or Fair use policies.


“In October, my carrier is changing my plan so that it’s restricted to my country of residence (there will be no roaming charges because it will not be possible to use the plan in any other country at all). I’m switching carriers as a result, but was just curious if there is a provision in the laws that would lead them to change the plans in this way.” – If you plan to Roam you may want to seek other tariffs which include Roaming. 

“EU comission are liars. Networks have stopped roaming standard availability!!” – This is possible, so if you want Roaming you will need to change Roaming Supplier. 


“I hear many operators are applying for exceptions that would allow them to continue to charge roaming fees after June 15. In Finland, all major operators are doing this.”– This is correct and some regulators will allow this, if they feel that the MNOs are severely impacted.

“What are the requirements for applying for an exception, and what is the likelihood of the operators getting one?” MNOs will receive the right to charge a minor surcharge if they meet special conditions explained here… http://europa.eu/!nK69YT  


“How will it work for a student from an EU member state who is studying in another EU member state? If my understanding is correct, the “no additional roaming charges” rule applies only if you stay for a limited period in another EU member state.” -There are Fair Use policies, based around your residence status. You should check your roaming tariff. 

Look our tomorrow for a further article on the EU Roaming Regulation…


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