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“ROCCO” , “Roaming360” and “True Roaming” are Registered Trademarks of the Roaming Consulting Company Ltd.

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Our Vision is simple: Strategic optimisation of Roaming and Interconnect, for Productive secure, and Quality Services for Subscribers. 

ROCCO was born on the first of October 2012. We knew immediately what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it, because as MNOs and Vendors we had waited so long in our industry for the offering we knew we could deliver. Working in Roaming and Interconnect for over 20 years we have seen a lot of changes through the technology generations. We bring a lot of experience to the marketplace and neutrality. We bring an honesty and freshness we think is rare.

There are so many exciting topics right now in Roaming, LTE, WI-FI Roaming, M2M etc and there is a huge revolution coming. In times of change, a friendly business ear and a wider frame of reference is always useful.

What we bring you is Strategy, Training, Audits and of course Research as well as Consulting bespoke to your needs.

See below our methodology, why consultancy has a solid place in our industry and why we chose to create ROCCO.

Our Specialities

Strategy 100%
Research 100%
Training 100%
Audits 100%

Great Consultancy is rare in our industry

We believe in having collaborative relationships with our clients in which skills are transferred to the client and dependence upon the Consultant is gradually diminished.

Successful Projects feel good and create memorable value

We have proven that quality Consultancy at the right time and place (not quantity of Contractors) is an optimal formula for success for our clients and ultimately more profitable.

We think the whole industry can become more productive than it is today

We believe together with our clients we can analyse the situation, enhance communication and make joint decisions to assist our clients in enhancing their productivity.

Expertise is proven to make a significant difference

We believe that when you want quality results you go to the experts. ROCCO believes in using only the most qualified experts to each subject matter, ranging from Roaming Regulation to Diameter.

What we provide, helps Operators around the world and inspires and creates potential for new Roaming innovations. And were just getting started…[/fusion_toggle]

If you answer YES to any of the needs below we would welcome the opportunity to have a chat with you

We need to be more productive but we have fewer resources than ever before and we are still facing further staff reduction.

We are facing increasing technological complexity e.g. M2M, Wifi Roaming, LTE and we need help to understand it.

We need to have more diversity of roles in the workforce e.g. LTE is challenging and we are not sure what to do.

We need unbiased and external perspectives on analysis, strategy, projects.

We are not certain we are making the most of our Roaming business and need a more focussed strategy on how to optimise Roaming revenues.

We want to grow and branch out or explore globalisation opportunities e.g. my organisation wants to explore group centralisation or Roaming Hubbing opportunities.

We need new ideas, fresh, unbiased and innovative thinking. My organisation needs people that can deal with high degrees of sensitivity, ambiguity or roles that require intervention without company politics.

To support companies in the delivery of Roaming by bringing to them world class Roaming products and services which are not only innovative in their nature, but are proven to make a difference.
At our core is the opportunity of building you a valuable business.

We have a simple three-step process to help our clients make their business more valuable, to build strong:

  1. Set clear objectives which add value: The scope and the results you expect.
  2. Measure our delivery against the set Objectives: Both your organisation and ROCCO need to see progress with our project.
  3. Deliver value for money: Deliver according to your organisations objectives and measurements. Achieving the benefit to your business.

ROCCO are focussed Consultants, because we specialise in Consulting.

Consultancy is our business. ROCCO Employees are mandated by our business ethics to be fair, unbiased and neutral. ROCCO is not affiliated with suppliers and we are not doing consultancy to sell our customers other more profitable products. When ROCCO works for you we do not have any other intention apart from delivering your project, on time, on cost and with quality expectations.

Exceed Expectations

To provide the kind of Customer Service we would want for ourselves.

Let’s be clear, what a new client represents to ROCCO is much more than an single contract. ROCCO is dedicated to delivering great results because our goal is to maintain a beneficial and successful long-term relationship with you. As a boutique consulting firm, our relationship with you is critical to our on-going success as a business.

ROCCO Consultants have worked as Operators and Suppliers. Therefore ROCCO has hands on experience of how Customers are treated from both perspectives. Our goal is to delight our customers by matching and improving upon the best Customer Service in our industry.

We believe the customer makes decisions based on experience and knowledge to help ensure businesses or projects do not fail. Rocco can provide the knowledge on industry standards, best practices based on experience, to help your organisation make informed decisions and succeed in your goals.


To be Innovative when asked

ROCCO Consultants are creative, it’s in our genes. We believe Innovation is key to efficiency and productivity within our industry, which is why we only hire highly motivated people who have held strategic or entrepreneurial roles. We believe in doing the project you want, while still bringing ideas and an open mind to the table.


Hands on experience with Industry Standards

ROCCO Consultants have worked with Roaming and GSMA Roaming Standards for more than 15 years. Not only are we highly knowledgeable experts of the GSMA Roaming standards, we have also held roles as elected chairman of key Industry Roaming Groups. In addition we have authored multiple important permanent reference documents, guided the Roaming industry on policies and practices and led Industry initiatives on standards development.

Rocco consultants are well known and respected in the mobile telecoms industry, and communications industry. Our consultants have experience in practically every area of the Roaming role from operations to strategy. We have direct knowledge of operator needs, bringing specific knowledge to the table and have innovative ideas for the industry.

Rocco has a strong network of over 1000 contacts throughout the telecommunications industry and beyond, providing a significant pool of specific Roaming knowledge.


To win and maintain our clients trust

ROCCO possesses a large base of knowledge and experience. In the case that ROCCO is not qualified to execute a project or endeavour we will help you to determine how to get the right resources. ROCCO is knowledgeable about the supplier landscape and we want to build a trusted relationship with you even if we are not your supplier. If ROCCO believes you are able to be better served by another company, we will help you connect with them.


Strategy Projects
Research Projects
Training Seminars or Training Events
Audit Projects

Senior Consultants

Jason Bryan
Jason BryanChief Executive Officer

Making Roaming work since 1995. Jason has worked for two Operator Groups, a small Operator and two industry vendors and is experienced in Strategy and Commercial decision-making. Jason has chaired GSMA Roaming Innovation Group and won four industry awards for Innovation and ideas.

Skills and Expertise

Strategy, Roaming Regulation, M2M (Connected Living, Embedded Mobile), Open Connectivity (Roaming Hubbing, RAEX) 4G (LTE), GSMA (RING, AGREE, RHSG, BARG), AA.14, Aeronautical and Maritime Roaming, NRTRDE, Network Extensions, Dual IMSI, Interstandard Roaming.

Honours and Rewards

2006: GSMA Outstanding achievement award for my work in RING Group.
2008: GSMA Outstanding achievement award for contribution to RAEX, Infocentre Improvements etc. as Chair of RING in 2008.
2011: RING Leader 2011 for Leadership and Innovation from the GSMA RING Group.
2012: GSMA Outstanding Achievement award for contribution towards Compliancy Programme in GSMA.
2013: GSMA Achievement award for Editorial work on GSMA Standards

Stefano De Zottis
Stefano De ZottisSenior Consultant

Stefano has been working in Telecoms for 20 years and holds in-depth knowledge of Mobile, IP, and Data technologies and their uses, and has proven and rewarded expertise in working on complex projects with global teams and in diverse business environments, cultures and geographies.

Most recently he served as Senior Product Manager of the IPX Platform and the Mobile Data services at Tata Communications, where his responsibilities included the launch of the company IPX offering, and to set and execute the strategy for new and existing products for Mobile Operators globally. Prior to Tata Communications he served as Group Product Manager of the IPX and Mobile Connectivity Services at Telecom Italia Sparkle. His extensive experience in Telecoms includes also, in total, roles of Product Management and Bid Management of IP, Managed Connectivity and Mobile Connectivity services.

He is well organized, dependable, thorough, timely, trustworthy, and always brings a positive attitude to his work. He works well in a team environment and independently.

Away from the office he spends as much time with his family as he can, enjoying playing with his little daughter. Whenever he has free time he heads the box for CrossFit training.

James Williams
James WilliamsPrincipal SMS Consultant

After having studied modern languages and Business, James fell by accident into the world of Telecommunications. That was over 20 years ago and here has been ever since. Latterly James has been involved with all things SMS related and has personally experienced the industry from all angles – Hub, Aggregator, Mobile Network Operator and technology provider. He has particularly deep experience in Business Development, Client Management and Business Operations Support. His experience has been gained through working hands-on across the globe with a wide variety of clients and his expertise lies in finding the hidden value in areas many companies neglect.

He is a dynamic, culturally aware, detail oriented individual who firmly believes that building mutually beneficial relationships on a personal level in a sustainable environment is fun and is not at odds with keeping a keen eye on the ‘bottom line’. A huge network of industry relationships provides James and our clients with great industry insights and market knowledge. He is no stranger to airports and spends the majority of his time with our clients at their locations around the world.

James takes a holistic approach and is a qualified weightlifting instructor, trustee of a charity which serves the many and varied needs of his community and works closely with a local school to foster their relationships globally.

Jesper Schlichkrull
Jesper SchlichkrullSenior Consultant

I have worked in Telecom for decades, but I only joined the roaming business by accident almost 15 years ago. I joined the roaming team of TDC (the incumbent in Denmark) when they became the first Partner Market operator to Vodafone in 2001. I quickly became involved in the many projects requested/mandated by Vodafone for TDC to implement as a part of the Partner program. One of our big achievements was to implement TAP3 in the Billing system and test and launch with all Vodafone operators in less than 6 months. For this effort I was awarded the TDC award for “Best Team Effort”.
I became responsible for building the strategy on Strategic Roaming Partnerships for TDC and turning it into a solid business. Alone I handled all the roaming relationships, meetings and negotiations, calculations, accruals, administration, reporting, etc. and I also represented TDC at the BARG meetings. During my 12 years in Roaming at TDC, I have been fortunate to travel around the world and visit many interesting cities and exciting countries.
I have always found the analytical part of partner management exciting and to negotiate agreements that were truly win-win for both parties is always a huge satisfaction. It’s like finding a gold nugget in the streams. I have also enjoyed attending various roaming conferences as a speaker.
In 2014 I was given an opportunity to build the roaming business for Ooredoo’s new operation in Myanmar. This was the adventure of a lifetime for me to be a part of a true greenfield operation launching 3G mobile services at affordable rates in a country filled with hope and aspirations after 50 years of isolation. I am proud to say that my team set a record of testing and launching with 75 networks in less than 5 weeks to meet a very ambitious management target.
I love to travel either for business or with my wife, and I enjoy goofing around with my two dogs. I love a good laugh and to get other people to laugh with me.

Recent Clients

Some testimonials of our work

“ROCCO conducted a Roaming Audit for Azerfon, they looked across the business at profitability, efficiency and compliancy and their findings were very useful to us. They also helped us conduct some Roaming research with our customers and trained some members of my team. It was a pleasure to work with ROCCO and get their support in all kinds of Roaming strategy.”
Vafa Hasanova, Head of Roaming, Azerfon Azerbaijan
“ROCCO is providing an innovative and original source of Research for Roaming. These Survey Results are not only beneficial for operators, but for providers too and generally for the whole market, keep up the good work!”
Fabrizio Gelli, Wholesale Mobile Services Director, Telecom Italia
“We worked with ROCCO on several different projects – from training to audit, from facilitating relationships to engaging several moving parts – and we found Jason and Federica extremely professional, flexible to accommodate needed changes and therefore easy to work with. Additionally, I have a long lasting working interaction with them, it goes back more than 10 years across different roles and different companies, and I look forward to having again the opportunity to work with them in the future”
Alessandro Adriani, C.E.O. Bridge Alliance, Bridge Alliance

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