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Purchasing Options

Discounts, Purchasing in bulk and Subscriptions

Training Events:

Discounts are offered of 15% where more than one delegate from the same company wants to attend, or a single delegate wishes to attend more than one Masterclass. The discount is offered because it allows ROCCO to make a cost saving in time and effort with the purchasing process. No other offers are available.


The following discounts are available for reports. The discount is offered because it allows ROCCO to make a cost saving in time and effort with the purchasing process. No other offers are available for discounts.

  • Purchasers buying more than one report are offered a 15% Discount.
  • MNOs who have taken part in the Research which has generated a new report will automatically be given for free an Executive Summary of that report and can purchase the Strategic Analysis Version of the report with a 15% Discount.
  • MNOs not taking part in the Research pay normal report costs. This is to incentivise MNOs in participation which normally takes just a few minutes to complete one of our surveys several times a year.
  • Vendors who are interviewed in our reports are given a 15% Discount on the report where they are interviewed.
  • These discounts are offered via Invoice or by request for a Credit Card payment link from

Report Points Payment System for bulk purchasing

ROCCO offers a Bulk purchase offer through its Report Points Payments System.

  • Purchasers who when reviewing our catalogue want to buy multiple reports, have a very interesting offer.
  • For a set fee of £5500 GBP they can purchase 10 report points which can be used against buying reports now or in the future. They make a single payment in advance for 10 report points for £5500,00 GBP and spend the report points on reports throughout the year. Taking away the hassle of Invoicing and Credit Card payments.
  • Strategy and Vendor Performance Reports cost a 1 report point and Market Intelligence Reports cost 2 Report Points so the discounts are around 30% on each report

ROCCO Subscription

Independent MNOs, MNO groups, Vendor and organisations or bodies which want to add ROCCO reports to their Research libraries can purchase a subscription for the year.

  • This means that by paying a single fee of £11000 GBP all reports we publish are sent immediately on publication to the company and can be used company/group wide. This accounts for a discount of approximately 50% on all reports.
  • Purchasers of the subscription can also receive up to 5 legacy reports from previous years on request.
  • All subscribers also automatically receive 20% discount on all Training Events

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Notes on the Catalogue

  • For more information or to purchase Reports or Training Event passes please see our website or contact us at
  • Bespoke Reports or Trainings: ROCCO has delivered over 30 bespoke Training Events and Research projects resulting in unique trainings and/or industry reports for private use by companies. Incase this is desired please contact us for more information.
  • The catalogue above shows fixed events delivered this period by ROCCO. However ROCCO has the right to alter dates and some dates are subject to change, changes however will never impact the report or training event availability.
  • Some Training events are subject to availability since we do not like to hold classes with more than 8-10 participants.
  • ROCCO will add Masterclasses and Reports to this list where MNOs have identified needs and ROCCO can accommodate them in a quality way.
  • All purchasing is done from our website using Credit Card or via a Paypal account. Simply follow the Paypal option and select Credit Card for Credit Card payments. Purchasing can also be done via Invoice on request at

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