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Clients and Endorsements 2017-08-24T23:38:34+00:00

ROCCO has worked with numerous clients, both operators, suppliers and alliances.


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Here are some endorsements about our work:

“ROCCO conducted a Roaming Audit for Azerfon, they looked across the business at profitability, efficiency and compliancy and their findings were very useful to us. They also helped us conduct some Roaming research with our customers and trained some members of my team. It was a pleasure to work with ROCCO and get their support in all kinds of Roaming strategy.” – Vafa Hasanova, Head of Roaming Azerfon Azerbaijan

“ROCCO is providing an innovative and original source of Research for Roaming. These Survey Results are not only beneficial for operators, but for providers too and generally for the whole market, keep up the good work!” – Fabrizio Gelli, Wholesale Mobile Services Director, Telecom Italia

“We worked with ROCCO on several different projects – from training to audit, from facilitating relationships to engaging several moving parts – and we found Jason and Federica extremely professional, flexible to accommodate needed changes and therefore easy to work with. Additionally, I have a long lasting working interaction with them, it goes back more than 10 years across different roles and different companies, and I look forward to having again the opportunity to work with them in the future” – Alessandro Adriani, CEO Bridge Alliance


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Azerfon Azerbaijan2014
Bridge Alliance2013, 2014
Haud 2014
JT Global2013, 2014
Tata Communications2014