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We always share our knowledge with you. For every Research Project you help us complete, you will be given a free Executive Summary of the Results summarising all the relevant data. For more information see our About our Research Projects page and Survey FAQs page for questions about our surveys and for our promise of protecting your private data see Our Confidentiality Mandate. Our Research Calendar shows our annual calendar for projects.

Market Intelligence Research

Research Projects mostly with Vendors, providing directories, demographics & educational information

Research Projects for operators on Interconnect or Roaming Hot Topics

Coming soon, Research Projects on LTE Roaming and Internet of Things

Research projects for Operators about Vendor Performance

Research Projects about the Performance of Vendors in the Marketplace according to important KPIs set by Operators. Open to GSM Operators and Roaming MVNOs only.

Research projects for Operators about Wholesale Costs

Research Projects about the Market Pricing for Products and Services. These were launched in 2014 and run continuously. We will take a cut of the data provided by Operators every March and September and provide Executive Summaries for all those Operators who took part in that sixth month period. For earlier information, please contact ROCCO.

Planned Research Projects

Surveys being prepared for launch

  • Hot topics: Internet of Things Strategy 2016
  • Vendor Performance:
    • Silent Roaming Solutions
    • Roaming QoS
    • Roaming Hubbing
    • A2P SMS Messaging
    • SMS Firewall

Other Market Research being prepared

Our Published Survey Results can be found below or in our Store.

Research Reports available from our Research Store