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IOT Discount Agreements 2015-02-16T06:38:18+00:00

Project Description


Around 2001/2002 IOT discount agreements were introduced on a low level for the tariffs set between Operators called IOTs. IOT Discount agreements are discounts for increased Inbound Roaming Traffic (Minutes, volumes of data and SMS used by subscribers Roaming). When these discount agreements began they were mainly within Operator Groups and Alliances.

Intelligent Traffic Steering tools were introduced allowing a first preferred networks list on the SIM that could be changed by OTA (Over the Air mechanism for updating the Sim Card), then SS7 steering and finally a combination of the two methods in used.

All in all the increase of alliances increased the number of IOT discount agreements, speeded up the launch and implementation of Roaming Agreements, Virtual Home Environment services and Quality.

IOT Discount Agreements are an important part of a Roaming Managers role today. A dedicated team may be in place within groups of Operators solely for the development of multiple IOT Discount Agreements.

Today most Operators have IOT Discount Agreements as they are typically not able to secure traffic to their networks Inbound without offering a discount.