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Customer Service Report 2017 – Strategic Analysis


This report is available from 19th July 2017

This Strategic Analysis Report contains 50+ Pages of data on Customer Service perceptions from MNO on Vendors in the Roaming and Interconnect market

  • Executive Summary (this part of the report is sent to the Operators and Vendors for free)
    • Highlights from the Report
    • Vendor Ranking
  • The Strategic Analysis Version of the report contains:
    • Vendor by Vendor analysis across all the 18 KPIs and across 50+ Vendors including MNO quotes about them:
  • Care
    • They are friendly and helpful
    • They are patient and listen to my needs
    • They spend the time with me that I deserve
    • We have a respectful working relationship
    • They provide consistent personnel who understand my business
    • When they change personnel, there is a smooth handover
  • Capability:
    • They can quickly detect the cause of issues
    • They can quickly resolve issues
    • The first contact I speak with is able to resolve my issue
    • They take responsibility for issues they create
    • They keep their promises
    • They communicate clearly
  • Quality:
    • They are well trained on their products and services
    • They speak or attempt to speak my language
    • They offer local support during my office hours
    • They meet face to face with me or offer events I can attend
    • They always give more than I expect
    • They have “The Wow Factor”*
  • Conclusions


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