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Data Clearing Vendor Performance Report 2017 – Strategic Analysis


This Strategic Report contains 75+ Pages of Analysis into all the providers in the market. Available from 26th May 2017.

  • Executive Summary
  • Detailed comparison of all the providers in the market in over 35+ Key Performance Indicators defined by Operators
    • Leadership
    • General Performance
    • Performance on Key aspects
  • Detailed Brand perceptions of each provider
  • Operator feedback into what Products and Services they like and what they need
  • Key Challenges in the market
  • Why Providers are valuable and where Operators think they could add more value
  • Where the market is going, what new developments are needed
  • Strategic summary by ROCCO management team
  • ROCCOs perceptions of future developments in the field

The party purchasing this report is receiving a single license for a single report to be used by their company sent on receipt of payment and subject to a signed terms of use agreement. Additional licenses may be purchased at a reduced price.


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