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VoLTE Vision: Roaming Strategy Report 2016 – Strategic Analysis


This report is available from 24th October 2016 and contains up-to-the-moment Strategic advice on VoLTE

This Strategic Analysis Report has been created based interviews with 126 MNOs and 6 International Vendors and contains 80+ Pages of data

Executive Summary (this part of the report is sent to the MNOs who took part in the research for free)

  • Highlights from the Report
  • Contents, About the Authors, Introduction, The Objective of this Report,
  • What are the benefits of VoLTE?, Executive Summary, The VoLTE Roaming Environment, The Threat to Traditional Voice Roaming Revenues,
  • MNO Strategies on VoLTE Roaming,
  • MNOs Status with LTE and VoLTE,
  • Launch timeframe for LTE and VoLTE,
  • Status of Roll-out of VoLTE Roaming Services
  • Overview Vendor Strategies on VoLTE Roaming,

The Strategic Analysis Version of the report contains:

MNOs perspective:

  • MNO Strategies: No VoLTE Roaming,
  • MNOs Reasons not to offer VoLTE Roaming,
  • MNO Strategies: Launched VoLTE Roaming,
  • Overall Reasons why MNOs launched VoLTE Roaming,
  • MNOs who Launched VoLTE Roaming Specific Reasons to offer the service,
  • Roaming MNOs Launch Methodology,
  • MNO Strategies: Planned VoLTE Roaming,
  • MNOs Reasons for Launching VoLTE Roaming with their Importance,
  • When will MNOs Launch VoLTE Roaming,
  • VoLTE Roaming Trial Strategy,
  • Using an IPX to Facilitate VoLTE Roaming,
  • What MNOs said about having the support of IPX,
  • Which model do you plan to use for VoLTE Roaming,
  • Reasoning for the Choice of Model,
  • S8HR Model: Expected path of Voice Interconnection Revenues,
  • Anticipated Increase in Roaming Revenues,
  • Anticipated Decrease in Roaming Costs,
  • VoLTE Interconnect, Plans for VoLTE Interconnect,
  • MNO Strategies: Launched VoLTE Interconnect,
  • MNO Strategies: Planning to Launch VoLTE Interconnect,
  • Reasons for making VoLTE Interconnect Agreements,
  • When International Interconnect VoLTE Agreements will be made,
  • Use of an IPX or Hub for making VoLTE Interconnect connections

Vendor Perspective:

  • Vendors VoLTE Strategies,
  • About the Vendors,
  • Vendors offerings for VoLTE Roaming,
  • VoLTE Solutions being sought by MNOs,
  • Vendors perceptions of VoLTE’s tangible benefits for MNOs,
  • Key drivers for Outbound VoLTE Roaming,
  • Key Drivers for Inbound VoLTE Roaming,
  • VoLTE’s ability to replace lost Voice Revenues,
  • ViLTE Services,
  • S8HR or LBO,
  • VoLTE Interconnect offerings,
  • Market innovations for VoLTE,
  • Regulations impact on VoLTE,
  • Regional Trends,
  • Adoption Timelines,
  • Further Thoughts,
  • The Vendors featured in this report,
  • About ARCH,
  • About iBasis,
  • About Sigos GmbH,
  • About Syniverse,
  • About TATA Communications,
  • About Telekom Austria,
  • Further Information,
  • Eligibility for taking part in this report,
  • Your Feedback,
  • Our Future Reports,
  • Current research projects for MNOs

The party purchasing this report is receiving a single license for a single report to be used by their company only. A Terms of Use agreement will be sent to you after your purchase to support this. Expect to receive the report by e-mail within 24 hours of purchase. Additional licenses may be purchased at a reduced price. Please contact us for more information.

UK Companies are subject to V.A.T. Paid at the Standard Rates.





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