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Nothing is so consistent in the telecoms sector as change. Faster, better, stronger. Our zeal to consume more quality content, wherever we are in the world at a faster pace has turned us into an impatient crowd that stares at screens almost uninterruptedly and fidgets angrily at the smallest sign of a connection hiccup – thanks, 4G LTE. But we all know that professionally and as businesses we need to start preparing ourselves mentally for the next step.

ROCCO has been around since 2012 and from our conception we wanted to innovate the market with Research which wasn’t biased, sponsored or for sale to the highest bidder. We think and we hope you agree, research based on sales, or highly engineered research which is used to sell products is not serving anyone. There are too many questions to be answered in this industry without spending time reading sales pitches disguised as insights.

We create multiple types of reports into Roaming and Interconnect, we deliver trainings and consulting and together these offerings provide a rich foundation on which to make strategic warfare. We are going to face multiple unimaginable scenarios, but we are going to face them with answers already prepared and with clarity for direction.

Meet The Team

Jason Bryan
Jason BryanChief Executive Officer
Making Roaming work since 1995. Jason has worked for two Operator Groups, a small Operator and two industry vendors and is experienced in Strategy and Commercial decision-making. Jason has chaired GSMA Roaming Innovation Group and won four industry awards for Innovation and ideas.
Roaming Strategy 100%
Roaming Training 100%
Polina Hristova
Polina HristovaJournalist
I’m a writer at heart with an innate thirst for knowledge and I feel most comfortable in the artistic, creative process of every business. I find the information security area truly fascinating and I would love to engineer solutions to maximise our protection from anonymous threats lurking online.

Fraud and Security 100%
Journalism 100%
Stefano De Zottis
Stefano De ZottisSenior Consultant
Stefano has been working in Telecoms for 20 years and holds in-depth knowledge of Mobile, IP, and Data technologies and their uses, and has proven and rewarded expertise in working on complex projects with global teams and in diverse business environments, cultures and geographies.
IPX Networks 100%
Signalling Firewall 100%

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