Roaming Strategy from ROCCO™-2Business Strategy from people who understand Roaming

Not so long ago if you needed to consider your Roaming Strategy using actual strategic models, you would need to employee a strategist who works with strategic models but most likely doesn’t understand International Roaming.

With ROCCO the hope of having a strategist run your Roaming Strategy is really possible.

Each of the 40 modelling tools that its possible too use can be employed again and again. We arrive at the final selection of models for your strategy through experienced application in major tier 1 operators and through talking to you about your needs.

Strategic Planning Courses

In every kind of Strategic Planning course we run we ensure that we understand your brief, run the appropriate workshops, and de-brief with you on the findings. We can also create a Strategic Plan for you from the workshop results.

The key to a comprehensive Roaming Strategy is not only in the abstraction that quality strategic workshops reveal, but in communicating the strategy in a way which makes sense to business decision makers.

Ok, that sounds a little grand, but doesn’t a trained strategist employed in roaming for 10+ years herald the beginning of a new era?