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Are you a True Roamer?: The “True Roaming™” Initiative 2017-08-24T23:39:06+00:00

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Do you believe in “True Roaming”?

True Roaming isn’t a solution or something that you can buy it’s an idea of an international roaming experience we’re all promised that still remains mostly in our fantasies.

Our ability to communicate freely on Mobile Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, PC’s and “machines”) is more important in our lives for our productivity than ever before and it becomes even more crucial to stay in touch when we pack our bags and take to the road, sky or sea Internationally Roaming.

Tourism is an activity essential to the life of people and nations “because of its direct effects on the social, cultural, educational, and economic sectors of national societies and on their international relations.”* So its very important were able to do it to the best quality that technology will allow.

So what is True Roaming?

ROCCO started in 2012 an initiative to understand how consumers feel about their Roaming experience and it’s based on  three basic factors…



True roaming is the ability for anyone to travel internationally with their mobile devices free of any concern of being charged more for services than they would be charged at home. Free of bill shock; with complete real-time transparent billing.  It doesn’t even matter so much if the billing is transparent because with True Roaming you know your communication is going to be affordable (but it helps). Beyond what regulators across the world are doing, device manufacturers, Mobile Operators and Wi-Fi facilitators are all part of True Roaming ecosystem.




True Roaming is the freedom to travel internationally knowing that you will be able to get network coverage wherever you go. Whether you’re on a vacation, a business trip or a pilgrimage, this is not only about being able to roam to another country but the ability to get strong coverage (strong coverage because the Mobile Operator or Wi-Fi facilitators know there are no longer any new frontiers). This is about a reliable network connection wherever you are in the world, indoors or outdoors without question of checking coverage maps, losing a connection or calls dropping.





True Roaming is the ability to get consistency with the kind of communication services you can expect at home. GSM networks that enable us to upload, download and make video calls easily wherever we may be.  Wi-Fi Networks that delight us with download speeds even in public spaces. It also means seamless migration on all your mobile devices between GSM and Wi-Fi without looking for networks or entering passwords. Calling, texting and using data whether we have a pre-pay or post-pay account.

It may sound like a dream but it’s important to have a point of reference and  vision of the future to aim for. If you believe in True Roaming seek it, ask for it, and expect it.  Let’s ensure the future of communication and our productivity become a global priority across the globe.



True Roaming Research

Owing to public request, ROCCO Research has launched an ongoing 5 minute Survey on True Roaming to understand what global opinion is on the affordability, availability and consistency of International Roaming.  We want to measure your experience against our paradigm.

If you believe in True Roaming we would encourage you to take part in the True Roaming Survey. The results are sent to you if you leave your e-mail address and will help you to establish what to expect when you’re Internationally Roaming. A small time investment worth making for the future of our Roaming experiences.

* Manila Declaration on World Tourism of 1980

True Roaming™ is a Trademark of the Roaming Consulting Company Ltd.